Casino and Gambling-Related Nintendo Games

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Nintendo is known for games like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. While not as popular, they also have several games that gamblers can appreciate. Nintendo games are popular with people from all generations, from Donkey Kong to Mario Kart, most people have at least a few fond memories of these beloved games. Now, you can play your favorite online casino games, based around popular nintendo games. At you can get special bonus codes to save you money playing these nintendo themed games.

Casino-Related Classic Nintendo Games

In 1988 Vegas Dream came out for NES. This game brought players to the old Vegas strip and let them play either a story mode or a strictly gambling mode. You could choose from keno, blackjack, roulette, or slots, and you won the story mode version if you earned over ten million dollars. Its sequel, Vegas Stakes, was released in 1993.

Golden Nugget 64 then came in 1998 and could be played in either single or multiplayer mode. The goal was to win money, and you could choose from blackjack, craps, slots, roulette, Big Six Wheel, video poker, Mini-Baccarat, and multiple forms of table poker. It was released again in 2005 as Golden Nugget Casino DS for the Nintendo DS. Play classic and new Nintendo casino games for free and have a chance to win massive amounts of money. Pop over to this site to receive a new player no deposit bonus, redeemable on the best online casino sites.

The next year in 1999 Casino Kid was released. The player's purpose was to beat the evil King of the Casino, and earn money. In the North American version, you could only play blackjack and five-card draw, whereas in the Japanese version you could also play roulette and slots. Casino Kid II was released in 1993.

Finally, Caesar's Palace was released for Game Boy and NES in 1991. Its sequel Super Caesar's Palace followed in 1993, and the games featured blackjack, slots, roulette, keno, video poker, Red Dog, and horse racing. The goal of both games was simply to win money.

Adult Gamers Only

Nintendo also came out with adult-themed casino games. In 1990 Peek-A-Boo Poker was released but was not widely distributed. In it you play games of strip poker with five-card draw rules, and after winning certain amounts you are rewarded with erotic images of women. Another pornographic game, Hot Slots, was released in 1991. This game allows you to play three different slot machines, and your winnings similarly unlock erotic content.

Gambling in Other Classic Nintendo Games

While not their main focus, the following games have also incorporated gambling into their gameplay:

  • Super Mario 64 DS - Roulette and Picture Poker mini-games
  • New Super Mario Bros - Blackjack mini-game
  • Multiple Mario Titles - Slot machines
  • Animal Crossings Series - Gacha game