Win A Nintendo Switch With Free Casino Bonus From VideoSlots

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The Nintendo Switch is a brand new console that was once a handheld gaming device, which is in many ways the biggest success ever in offering handheld graphical quality at an exceptional level, while it also flawlessly transitions into a home console. Its adaptability demanded compromises, which unfortunately limits its capabilities and for this reason, feels that the Nintendo Switch is not quite as good as the dedicated handhelds or consoles launched before it.

The Nintendo Switch was released to the public about a month ago and with it being available for just over 30 days at retail stores around the world, the hype around the console is slowing down slightly. Many players who could not wait and picked up the console directly after its launch are already a good way through, and if they have not completed the game yet they are very close to.

Nintendo's focus is on discovering new innovative ways to satisfy players need for gaming excitement and for this reason it has tried out several wonderful and even weird ideas with each new hardware release. The ideas covered everything from introducing second screens to motion controls in the Wii and Wii U. The company also created 3D displays for handheld devices in the shape of Nintendo 3DS's and there is indeed no shortage of new ideas from the developers of the Nintendo devices. This innovative trend continues with the Nintendo Switch and this time the console can be used as both a handheld device and a console.

The best way to rate the Nintendo Switch is to first watch the trailer on YouTube. This would provide interested buyers with sufficient information to make a final decision. After launching in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch is still very new and a bit costly, so we found ways for you to win it.

Video Slots Casino's marketing team were quite aware of the fuzz around the new Nintendo Switch and launched a brand new promotion on the 13th of March to offer international online players the chance to win the new device. Winning the Nintendo Switch would be determined by a Sit & Go freeroll tournament played on a popular video slot titled Riche Wilde: The Book Of Dead.

Everyone could participate in the Video Slots promotion and the bet level that started at $0.01 allowed easy access no matter your playing budget. By following the link readers can also read more about other worthwhile bonus offers now available at Videos Slots Casino. also announced a promotion that enables players to qualify for the top prize by answering a list of questions. Participants stand the chance to win a Nintendo Switch as well as a copy of Breath Of The Wild to enjoy on their new Switch. By following this link, participants need to supply their personal details including telephone and email details. The question asked is what the removable controllers on the sides of the Switch are called.

By visiting the previous links we are sure that every player would like to enjoy more ways to win via generous bonus offers. The most popular of all bonus forms remains the no deposit bonus offered exclusively to new players. The bonus is available once registration is completed at one of the casinos part of the wide variety of gaming destinations listed on the website.

Players then get to enjoy gaming without the need to make a deposit and stand the chance to win cash!

Specifically catering for Canadian player requirements with canadian bonus offers, the website selected all the very best online deals, which includes three types of bonuses that require no financial layout. New players could select free spins, free play or free casino chips to kick off their casino venture. Free spins provide players the opportunity to enjoy up to 20 or more free spins on a specific game, while it also allows the player to explore the promotions, gaming variety and check how fast response is from customer services. The free play differs hugely from one operator to the next but usually offers around $15, while free chips allow free-play on traditional card & table casino games.

It is important to read each casino's terms and conditions when you decided to claim once of several bonuses to make the most of your free offer.'s winner will be able to enjoy the brand new game titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on the new devices since it is part of the winner's gift pack. The game is created totally brilliant and from the minute play starts your mission is to try to stay alive for as long as possible. The biggest enemy is Hyrule itself and players who have already finished the game all agree that Breath Of The Wild grants adventure play freedom.

Before play really starts you need to get past the tutorial found in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess. Your first steps into the game take place on a tutorial area called the Great Plateau although it does not tell you how to survive or what to do since that part is part of the discovery enjoyment of the game. Full details of the game are offered at and by following the link you can learn a bit more about this awesome game.

Breath Of The Wild is created with such detail and quality that it allows the player to lose itself completely in the game, forgetting how amazing the game design really is. The XBox One S, as well as the PlayStation 4, might have lost more power although the cell-shaded art impresses on the Nintendo Switch and combined with the excellent soundtrack that increases volume during high tension moments it is easy to lose complete track of time, purposely built to leave players in wonderment.

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