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For a long time, Sony has dominated a wide area of the market of gaming industry with their extravagant and phenomenal consoles and software, however, Nintendo never backed up and was keeping up on par with it throughout these countless years. When Sony released their Portable Playstation, it declared war on Nintendo and the answer of the brand to it is a new development called the Nintendo DSI. Thie console is widely praised and has been long-running in the industry already, yet its fame is still there. In fact, individuals who still haven't heard of it can be seen asking throughout the net why one should buy Nintendo DSI. is here to give you some reasons as to why a Nintendo DSI would be a great addition to your gaming arsenal.

When it comes to popularity, ability and more, it could be said that the Nintendo DSI is an exceptional rival for Sony's PSP. This makes its credibility and functionality completely trustworthy which even makes it reason enough for true gamers to give it a spin. If you buy Nintendo DSI, you'll also see that it's developed with a unique structure wherein it has two screens. This is because Nintendo DSI, from the start, was aimed to be a dual-screen console that's portable beyond compare back in the days. It's easy to use and carry just like its predecessors, but it provides higher quality features and options for you to revel on.

First up is the fact that Nintendo DSI wouldn't be compatible with your previous Game Boy Advance Games. This is because to make the device more efficient, lighter and more suitable for transportation, the developers made sure to remove its predecessors' slots for games. However, do not be dismayed because even without the slot, games will be more efficiently placed in your console especially with the DSIWare. The DSI Shop is exclusive to the DSI Console only and this means that the a href="">Nintendo games online you'll get there are unique for your console.

What makes it more worth it to buy Nintendo DSI as well is because it comes with a built-in camera that the DS Lite doesn't even possess. In fact, the console has two of them and though they pale in comparison with cameras of our new generation, it is still a great addition that's rare to see in gaming consoles especially back in the days. If you have SD and SDHC cards, you can also use them to expand the memory of your console or to give yourself another form of entertainment - music. The console also has a unique editing software and you can even download a browser and install it in your DSI. The product is also completely intuitive and is slimmer than its predecessors and even the DS Lite. More importantly, you'll have no problems if you want to buy Nintendo DSI because it is relatively cheaper than other handheld consoles of today and some consoles at its generation. With these following characteristics, you can decide whether to buy this console or if you'll just save up your money for something that's more heavy-packed for gaming.